Practice makes perfect, as we’ve noted in our One Up, Inc. office. While many people think there’s no way to rehearse for a job interview, the truth is anyone can bolster their confidence with a run-through. Here are some steps to follow:

” Find Someone in the Field to Rehearse With: Whenever possible, the best way to practice for an interview is to rehearse with someone who is in the field or has an HR background. For a candidate, this could mean real exposure to the types of questions that will possibly be answered. In our One Up, Inc. training, we pair our newest people with coaches who have been there, done that, and can provide constructive feedback. The same notion holds true here.

” Practice Active Listening: One of the first lessons we impart in our One Up, Inc. training is how to listen with the intent to understand. Interviewers will pick up on candidates’ responses to distinguish whether they paid close attention.

” Record the Practice: If possible, jobseekers should record their rehearsed practice and review it for such things as body posture, pauses, and other nonverbal cues. They can also listen to their voices. With practice, it’s possible to erase the nervousness and modulate tone for a friendly, energetic, yet calm voice.

A well-prepared candidate is likely to win over even the toughest interviewer. Like us on Facebook for more practical advice on interviews.