Travel is one of the most exciting One Up, Inc. perks we offer. Recently, our team traveled to Dallas for a leadership and networking conference. While there, we focused on expanding our marketing knowledge by attending keynote speeches held by some of the most successful people in our industry. It was a great chance for us to get out of our daily routines and become more open-minded by connecting with peers from across the country.

Networking opportunities like the Dallas trip are so important to our growth as professionals that we’ve made contacting strategies a part of our One Up, Inc. training program. For example, before attending an event we remind our ambassadors that building a network is about developing relationships. It is better to foster three or four solid connections than it is to collect numerous business cards, but not make an impression on any of the people from whom those cards came.

And when we want to impress, we do so by listening. The act of attending fully to what another person is communicating, both through his or her words and nonverbal cues, is an act that sets us apart in the minds of those we meet. Also, by heeding what we are told, we find ways to provide value or perform a service for our conversation partners, ensuring that we’re regarded as valuable contacts in the future.

Chances to travel and networking skills are just two of the ways we prepare our team members for success. Learn more about how we develop talent by liking One Up, Inc. on Facebook.