As a new crop of college graduates enters the job market, it’s a good time to highlight what makes for a truly impressive potential hire. When we meet with prospective additions to Team One Up, Inc., we look for key signs that indicate genuine interest and cultural fit. Here are a few things jobseekers right out of college can do to sharpen their status as ideal hires:

• Customize Résumés and Cover Letters: No matter how impressive a résumé or cover letter might be, it’s essential to make sure they’re geared toward a specific job. We want to see certain baseline skills in a potential hire, but we’re also attracted to those candidates who highlight traits that align with the positions they want to fill.

• Refine Social Media Presence: Just like any other reputable company, we take a close look at social media profiles when we gauge candidates to come aboard One Up, Inc. It’s essential for college grads to refine their online brands as they reach out to would-be employers. Social media pages should project positivity as much as possible.

• Ask About Ongoing Growth: We’re always impressed when candidates inquire about ongoing learning options within our company. Jobseekers who make it clear that they’re invested in everyday improvement set themselves apart from the crowd.

These are just a few ways graduates can position themselves for rewarding career journeys. Like One Up, Inc. on Facebook to learn more about our approach to hiring.