The Director of Operations for One Up, Inc., Needa, has worked very hard to create a company that she can be proud of, filled with team members that she considers to be family. She is fervent about her company culture, and creates an environment where people can advance their careers as far as they want. She values hard work and innovation, but in her mind the foundation of success is passion.

Here are three of the biggest benefits of being a passionate business leader:

• Passion Supports Confidence: People have confidence in leaders who believe in themselves and their purpose. For Needa, this makes having passion a crucial leadership trait. Those who have a deep emotional attachment to their projects will inspire respect and trust from others.

• Passion Breeds Enthusiasm: When we’re passionate about a cause, our excitement is obvious. This energy translates into an enthusiasm that can be felt in the One Up, Inc. office environment, and seen in the results we generate for the companies in our portfolio.

• Passion Catches On: One of the many great things about working with Needa on anything is the way her zeal gets passed on to those around her. Her passion is contagious, and influences the attitude of our entire organization.

We appreciate Needa and the way she gives 100 percent to whatever she’s doing. Learn more about our leadership team by following One Up, Inc. on Instagram.