The biggest challenge for any nonprofit is not to make an impact, but to do so with limited resources. The most successful agencies manage to do so by adhering to any of five mind-sets. Allow our One Up Inc. associates to elaborate.

There’s the denominator mind-set, for instance. It refers to an emphasis on the size of a given need. The method of meeting that need can remain flexible. The solution must simply address the problem on a large-scale basis.

The dignity mind-set is focused on helping as many people as possible, with the goal of elevating their humanity. Our One Up Inc. team understands this to mean educating and empowering people. It’s better to help people lift themselves up instead of doing it for them.

There’s also the radical frugality mind-set. It is highly cognizant of scarcity. The idea is to reduce costs while maximizing impact. What’s more, it involves investing wisely to ensure lasting and impressive returns.

The innovative hiring mind-set is a matter of finding talent hidden in unlikely places. The best hires often come from the places served by the nonprofits. After all, these people are fully informed. No outsiders can offer perspectives with such value.

Finally, the main concept of the collaborative mind-set is to partner with the government – not work against it. Even if only low-level buy-in is obtained from the powers that be, it may be enough to secure needed funding.

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