One Up, Inc. isn’t your average company, so it’s no surprise that our training program is unique as well. Needa, our Director of Operations, explains that our professional development plan is designed for people to grow and advance with our firm. “Anyone can get ahead and build a career as long as they are willing to work hard and grow,” she said. Here are some facets of our learning environment that give our associates a leg up in the industry:

• Business and Leadership Skills: “We teach our people the basics, from how to create and deploy an effective outreach campaign to how to run an office,” Needa stated. “We also emphasize leadership right from the start.”

• Stretch Comfort Zones: “By cultivating a supportive and empowering culture in our One Up, Inc. office, our team members feel safe to practice what they’ve learned and challenge themselves to do more,” Needa noted. “Because they are given room to take risks, they are more innovative as well. This is also one of the reasons I like sports-minded, competitive people, as these individuals tend to raise the bar on their success. Going a little further and doing a bit more is second nature to them.”

• Coaches: “Our One Up, Inc. managers are paired with new hires to guide them along,” Needa added. “This approach works well because we know our leaders already have the right knowledge, so they are trusted resources to whom those just learning the ropes can turn for advice.”

When the culture is focused on advancement along with personal and professional growth, the potential is unlimited. Like us on Facebook to witness the results of our training objectives.