LONG BEACH, CA – The President of One Up Inc. discussed Jessica’s recent promotion to assistant manager and the attributes that make Jessica such a winner. She also outlined a few behaviors that consistently lead to career advancement.

Needa, the President of One Up Inc., was proud to put Jessica Luna in the company spotlight and offer congratulations for her recent promotion. Needa explained that the firm’s newest Assistant Manager is a hard-working and motivated individual with a true passion for connecting consumers with top telecom solutions providers. Needa added that she always looks to Jessica for leadership, integrity, and commitment. As she takes her leading role in Lakewood, California, the firm’s President is confident that Jessica will thrive.

Jessica came to One Up Inc. after graduating from UC-Irvine last spring. Needa noted that she has impressed everyone in the company with her enthusiasm, tenacity, and work ethic from day one. Jessica also pushes herself beyond her comfort zone on a regular basis, which inspires her teammates and will serve her well as an Assistant Manager. The President added that Jessica isn’t afraid to volunteer for big projects when they’re available, which encourages others to up their games as well.

Needa explained that there is so much potential for advancement within the One Up Inc. office. Those who put in the hard work and show dedication thrive because promotions are based on merit. The President also stated that extensive ongoing education options allow team members to reach their full potential.

One Up Inc.’s President Highlights Promotion-Worthy Behaviors

There are certain things people can do to position themselves for regular career advancement. Needa stated that Jessica is a prime example of many of these behaviors. Being accountable is key for anyone who wants to be promoted, for instance. The President explained that Jessica is not only accountable to her own ambitious goals, but also makes herself available to help others as often as possible. This has made her an ideal fit for the supportive One Up Inc. team atmosphere.

Jessica is also willing to push beyond her current skill set. This is another key trait of those who earn regular promotions. Needa added that Jessica is also committed to constant improvement. These tendencies are present in most professionals who advance to great career heights. The firm’s President noted that growth-focused behaviors are also great ways to inspire others. She has no doubt that Jessica will excel as she continues on her leadership journey.

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