As we’ve built up our One Up Inc. culture, we’ve focused on a few indelible success strategies. We want to be ambitious and steadily productive at the same time. To achieve this kind of consistent excellence, we use the following key strategies from one busy workday to the next:

• Set Clear, Achievable Goals: We’ve found that attainable targets are ideal for many reasons. For one, it’s easier to visualize positive outcomes when the goal is achievable. We also build up momentum and morale as we knock items off our to-do lists. Dreaming big is a major part of our success, but so is notching smaller wins every day.

• Take Stock: Honest check-ins are frequent occurrences around our One Up Inc. office. We ask ourselves where we are in the goal-fulfillment process and what more we can do to get closer to a winning outcome. This allows us to find room for improvement and make the most of our time.

• Value Progress: The journeys we take to achieve goals are just as important as successful results. We remind ourselves of this on a regular basis, and it helps us to stay motivated and positive. By thinking about how far we’ve come, we set ourselves up for success in the long run.

These basic strategies set the tone for achievement in our workspace. To learn more about how we stay on the right track, follow One Up Inc. on LinkedIn.