New additions to Team One Up, Inc. have powerful advantages in their career journeys – seasoned coaches who provide uniquely helpful advice. Needa, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “Through personalized training that comes with an insider’s perspective, we put our newest team members in position to excel.” Here are a few reasons why having a mentor is such a valuable asset:

• Reassurance: There are sometimes doubts in new hires’ minds as they get acclimated to our competitive industry. However, with devoted coaches by their sides, our team members receive the support they need to overcome whatever uncertainty they might have. With every learning milestone they reach, our associates gain confidence.

• Unique Insights: No manual or video in the world can match the insights you receive from someone who has been there and done that. Our in-house coaches make learning easy in the One Up, Inc. office. They have answers for every question and solutions for any problem that might arise during the onboarding process.

• Valuable Connections: Networking is a vital part of learning the ropes in any industry. With accomplished leaders in their corners, our newer team members have access to contacts they wouldn’t be able to make otherwise.

These are just a few of the reasons why mentorship is such a point of emphasis within One Up, Inc. HQ. Follow us on Instagram for more of our thoughts on coaching.