There’s no shortage of all-stars on our One Up, Inc. roster and we couldn’t be happier to share their winning moves with everyone. This month, our MVP is Sunny Thai, an account manager who is always ready to take the lead.

What gives Sunny his spark on and off the customer acquisition court? For one thing, he’s always seeking knowledge on how to play the game better. Sunny is a consummate learner who believes that there’s always an opportunity to develop and grow his skills so he performs at his peak at all times.

Readily accepting feedback and guidance from our seasoned One Up, Inc. coaches is another reason Sunny outpaces the competition. He’s happy to sit with them, review the game tapes, and continue to practice until he’s mastered a new skill set. He realizes that there’s more than one move when it comes to creating winning outreach campaigns and he’s ready to change his strategy to score.

Of course, real MVPs aren’t just the ones who throw the ball into the net. It takes a full team to bring home a championship and Sunny makes sure to back his team and pass the ball when he knows someone has a better shot. Ultimately, when we play together, we’re able to move up to the next bracket and ultimately the winner’s circle. With people like Sunny who understand what it means to collaborate and help each other, we’re sure to make it.

We’re happy for Sunny and all of our all-stars at One Up, Inc. Follow us on Instagram to see which team member is our MVP next month.