We’re sad to say goodbye to 2019 around the One Up Inc. office. It’s been a great year of success, after all. The good news is that we’ve created so much momentum to make 2020 even bigger and better for our firm and the telecom solution providers we represent. To make sure we capitalize on the success of the past year, we’re putting a few key goal-setting strategies to use.

Writing down all our objectives is something we always take the time to do. It’s even more important to do so when opening up a new year. We document our goals because we want to make them tangible and more realistic. Every time we revisit our written targets, we get an extra jolt of inspiration.

As we commit our One Up Inc. goals to paper, we also take time to think about why they’re so important to us. This gives us another layer of accountability. Reflecting on the value of what we want to accomplish also allows us to put the best action plans in place.

We’ve learned not to waste time in our goal fulfillment efforts by sticking with firm deadlines. Aiming for a defined endpoint helps us stay highly motivated and engaged. When we add some small milestones with their own due dates, we’re even more focused.

It’s going to be an exciting year for the whole One Up Inc. family. Stay tuned to our Newswire feed to get updates on how we’re doing.