Around the One Up, Inc. office, we appreciate LinkedIn’s crucial role in the professional world. When it comes to personal branding, it’s tough to beat what this social network provides. More and more people are making contacts nationwide through LinkedIn, so it’s essential to have an up-to-date profile. A professional headshot and regularly posted content are two key elements to have in place. Here are a few reasons why a current LinkedIn profile is so important:

• Top Google Results: When someone wants to research you online, your LinkedIn profile will likely be the first or second result. It’s hard to be taken seriously as a potential hire or connection if the first impression you make is outdated or unpolished.

• It Helps You Stay Current: As you update your own profile, you’ll also see what’s happening with your connections. While you explore trending topics and recent content, you’ll pick up fresh insights to apply to your own career pursuits. We often find new ways to achieve our One Up, Inc. goals just by checking in with our connections.

• Network Management: You can keep track of all your contacts in one place with LinkedIn. It’s also easy to share key information with certain subgroups among your connections. If you move to another employer, LinkedIn makes it easy to keep track of all your existing contacts while you add new ones.

These are just a few of the arguments for maintaining your LinkedIn profile. For more of our best success tips, be sure to like One Up, Inc. on Facebook.