We like to think of Team One Up, Inc. as being hungry to reach our goals and realize success. Friendly competitions are some of the ways in which we keep everyone inspired and focused on growth. Not only does this drive our motivation, but it keeps us on our toes as we have fun.

In September, we held a Hunger Games-themed challenge titled Survival of the Fittest. While the rules and eliminations were handled much more congenially than in the movie (of course), the sentiment of using our smarts and talents to hit our targets was ever-present. At the completion, the grand prize went to Jessica Luna, who won a Night in Hollywood at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. The second-place winner, James Chang, won a brunch cruise in the San Diego Harbor, and third place went to Brandon Casillas, who won a $150 Visa gift card.

With or without contests, here is how One Up, Inc. makes sure we’re on track to achieve objectives for our partners and our team:

• Be Specific: If we want to reach our goals, we need to be clear on what we’re striving for, which means we need to attach metrics.

• Track Progress: Before we reach our deadlines, we should follow our results as we go along. This way, we’ll remain focused, motivated, and able to adjust course when necessary.

• Celebrate Milestones: Accomplishments are worth recognizing and rewarding as this maintains our overall inspiration to succeed.

We’re continually challenging ourselves and each other to reach higher. Follow One Up, Inc. on Instagram for future competitions.