When springtime comes around, it can be tough to maintain the positive momentum you built with New Year’s resolutions. Around the One Up, Inc. office, we’ve discovered a few effective strategies for keeping successful energy rolling no matter what the calendar says. Here are some of the behaviors we’ve embraced to stay on the right track all year round:

• Celebrate Success: Even when it comes to minor milestones, we take time out to highlight what we’ve achieved. Every small win is a big step toward major career accomplishments, so we never let one pass without reminding ourselves that we can build on it.

• Learn From Setbacks: We know there’s always something new to learn, even when we encounter unexpected outcomes. By finding the positive lessons from every experience, we constantly refine our skills and discover new ways to approach demanding challenges.

• Focus on Positivity: The right mind-set is essential in maintaining career momentum. Positive attitudes are mainstays of the One Up, Inc. culture, and they help us keep moving forward even when obstacles emerge. We are affirmative in our self-views and surround ourselves with supportive people at all times.

• Set and Revisit Clear Goals: We put specific objectives in place and then measure our progress toward reaching them. When necessary, we adjust our desired end results and the methods we use to attain them. Keeping a close eye on our goals allows us to follow through on them and continue setting the bar higher.

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