As we begin ramping up our efforts for what promises to be our biggest fourth quarter ever, we also thought that now was the perfect time to remember all that we have to be grateful for during this busy time of year. As discussions of gratitude became more common around the One Up Inc. office, we also discovered that we’re a pretty thankful group of people – and that we all have our favorite mindfulness practices that keep us grateful all year long.

Of course, mindfulness is a lot easier to talk about than to put into practice. We’re a goal-oriented people, which means we spend a lot of time thinking about the future, and we’re big into self-improvement, which means we often reflect on decisions we’ve made in the past. This makes living in the present even more challenging.

With practice though, we’ve learned to make this personal work a part of our One Up Inc. routines. For instance, one of our favorite tips is to take a gratitude walk. We spend about 10-15 minutes each day focused not on the past or the future, but mindfully appreciating ourselves and our surroundings. The joy of being in motion, the smell of the air, the sounds of nature and/or the world around us, even the feel of the sun on our skin reminds us that we exist at only one point in time, and we need to savor it.

In this way, we’ve learned to become grateful for the time we have, the lives we’ve led, and the successes we’ll achieve in the future. Follow One Up Inc. on Instagram to see more of our gratitude practices in action.