When it comes to job interviews, people tend to think in terms of what questions they’ll be asked. Our One Up Inc. interview process includes time for our candidates to ask us questions about the position or the firm in general. How many questions should applicants pose to hiring managers? Think quality over quantity.

As we’ve observed in our One Up Inc. office, if candidates have well-thought-out questions, it doesn’t matter how many they ask. One key question can be as impactful as several routine questions. In particular, it’s impressive when an applicant inquires about our processes to understand how he or she might add value. We appreciate when interviewees have done their research on our firm.

Of course, it’s acceptable for candidates to ask questions that help them determine if they are a good fit for the position or our culture. For example, our One Up Inc. environment is high energy and collaborative. We want people who join us to be comfortable in this type of workplace.

Needless to say, a limited amount of time is generally allocated to each interview. Candidates should always be mindful of this when asking questions. If there are some that are remaining, it’s possible to save them up for a second interview or ask if these questions can be emailed.

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