While not everyone was raised by business owners, most of us grew up at least watching sports, if not playing them. Which is great, because knowing how an athlete succeeds sheds a lot of light on the right way for professionals to thrive as well. Here are some of the top similarities Team One Up Inc. recognizes between winning athletes and successful professionals:

• Break Things Down: World-class athletes break their performance goals down into small action steps that are easy to define and measure. This is a practice we’ve adopted in the One Up Inc. office, turning long-term objectives into daily targets that consistently move us forward.

• Work With Your Strengths: Game-day strategies always cater to each player’s strengths, a tip we could all benefit from. Knowing where our own talents lie, and what our coworkers excel at, gives us an advantage in the marketplace.

• Appreciate Feedback: Real-time feedback is similar to watching a game after it’s been played; you get an objective perspective of what went right, and what could have gone better. We know, feedback isn’t always pleasant, but it is always helpful.

• Strive for Consistency: It’s not the flashiest aspect of winning, but it’s one of the most important: being able to repeat an action over and over again in a reliably excellent fashion. This applies to any sports activity, and to our program fulfillment campaigns too.

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