We appreciate the talented associates that are building One Up, Inc. careers. Whenever someone hits a professional milestone, we make sure they are recognized for it. This month we wanted to shine our spotlight on Doris, who has earned a promotion to assistant manager.

Doris has shown numerous leadership skills, but most importantly she is a valued go-getter and a positive member of the team. She is also a great learner who has taken the fundamentals of the One Up, Inc. brand to heart. Doris embodies our values and model in everything that she does.

Doris’ advancement to management was the result of some wise strategies. For instance, she was always willing to look beyond the responsibilities of her current role. Not only did she learn about our company, but she also studied our industry. Taking time to understand the big picture helped her position herself for promotion.

Also, Doris improved her communication skills. By getting her point across more effectively, and listening more actively, she steadily increased her value as a team member. These skills are what we look for in one of our leaders as well.

Congratulations to Doris on a well-earned promotion to assistant manager; we know you’ll do a great job in your new role. See who moves forward in their career journey next by following One Up, Inc. on Instagram.