There are plenty of great perks that come with being a part of Team One Up Inc., but travel incentives might be the most valuable ones. We’re especially excited about an October R&R trip to Cancun, which will give a few of our top performers an amazing chance to unwind and build their networks. The retreat will also be an ideal chance to reflect on this year’s achievements and get inspired for Q4 and beyond.

Needa, our firm’s President, explained that the Cancan getaway is designed to reward outstanding brand advocates for their hard work. Not only do these trips show our people how much their work is appreciated, they also offer unique learning potential. Needa stated that being around so many other successful people is the best way to learn new techniques and approaches.

The fact that retreats like the Cancun trip bring us closer together as teammates is just icing on the cake. When our travelers return to the One Up Inc. office, you can be sure that the stories and fresh insights will be flowing for days. We all get to benefit from these trips in some way. We’re also more inspired than ever to qualify for the next big incentive.

There’s always another memorable trip around the corner for our team. For updates on all our team excursions, like One Up Inc. on Facebook.