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Wireless Solutions
With One Up, Inc.

Succeeding in today’s world means having the right technology to stay connected. One Up, Inc. delivers the leading fiber-optic technology solutions for wireless devices straight to consumers on behalf of the nation’s largest telecommunication leaders. Our outreach solutions meet business needs by delivering plans and rates that are available nowhere else.

The Mechanics of Our Outreach Program

The federal government-funded Lifeline Assistance program was created by a national telecom firm and One Up, Inc. is a program partner. Our role is to distribute free cell phones and monthly minutes to people living in underserved areas. Knowing that we’re helping others stay connected keeps our team members inspired to achieve results. Let’s work together to provide access to these invaluable services.


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Your Business Gets Easier With One Up, Inc.

Why incur the overhead and stress of an in-house marketing team when we can bring our talent to you? We’ll augment your team and manage your customer acquisitions worry-free.

Putting Growth in the Forefront

Our One Up, Inc. team is driven by results. We put our expertise to work to create maximum visibility for leading technology firms using precise outreach strategies that prove effective every time.

Swift Execution, Fast Results

One Up, Inc. designs and executes customer acquisition strategies that rapidly boost your bottom line.

Breaking Away From the Norm

We take a personal approach to outreach that goes beyond numbers. By adding value for both customers and companies, our motivated professionals effectively engage people and create memorable experiences that influence them to act.

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